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Photo of Dr Birgit Hanke

Dr Birgit Hanke

Associate Lecturer in German (E&S)


01392 722192


Have been teaching German at all levels at Exeter University since January 1996;  PhD in "Applied Linguistics", Exeter University 2005;  M.A. in "Applied Linguistics",  Exeter University 1997;  Staatsexamen in "Teaching Modern Languages at A-level", Rostock University (Germany) 1996.

I have been teaching credit-rated German modules at Exeter University, both at the Language Centre and the German Unit, since January 1996.  I am currently the module convenor for German for Beginners, Intermediate 2, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2.  

In addition to my teaching qualification, I hold an M.A. and a PhD in Applied Linguistics.  My research interest lies in Discourse Analysis of post-modern literary text.  I have developed a framework for the analysis of Topic & Topic Development in post-modern German, Russian and English fiction, and in the future, I would welcome the opportunity to contribute further research towards bridging the gap between Applied Linguistics and Literary Studies.  I have attended a number of national conferences and delivered papers in Durham and Belfast.      

Between the years of 2003 and 2017, I also worked as Director of Studies at (British Council accredited) Mercator English Language School in Cornwall, conducting Summer Schools for groups of International Juniors, their group leaders and EFL teachers in Plymouth, organising and conducting workshops for young or new teachers prior to the start of the season, and assisting the Head of Mercator with staffing, timetabling, designing English course layouts & organising materials, and reviewing new grammar- and course books.  Those years have contributed greatly to my development as an academic teacher and a potential team leader.

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Discourse Analysis of Fictional Narrative Speech, or Dialogue;  The Concept of Topic/Topic Development in English, German and Russian Narrative Text - Comparative Linguistics;  Conversational Analysis 

My Publications:  

Hanke, B.  (2008),  On-line German Texts and Exercises under CADUBALM.  European University Exchange Programme. University of Valencia, Spain.  

Hanke, B.  (2005),  Discourse Analysis of Topic in First-Person English, German and Russian Fiction.  PhD-Thesis:  University of Exeter.  

Hanke, B.  (2004),  The Analysis of Speech in Post-Modern English, Russian and German Fictional Narratives - Topic and Transaction Management.  (2004), IVACS Conference in Discourse Analysis in Context.  Conference Proceedings.  Graduate School of Education:  Queen's University, Belfast.  

Hanke, B.  (2002),  Discourse Analysis of Speech in First-Person Fictional Narrative Text - the issue of Topic.  (2002).  Fifth Durham Postgraduate Conference in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics.  Conference Proceedings.  School of Linguistics and Language:  University of Durham.  

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