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Tandem Language Exchange

The Tandem Language Exchange (TLE) provides people at the University of Exeter with the opportunity to improve their language skills by bringing together people who speak different languages to share their knowledge in an informal and friendly environment.

Tandem Language Exchange (TLE) is:

  • A great way to meet people at the University of Exeter and improve a language in a fun and relaxed way. You choose who you would like to meet and then agree the time, place and how often to meet.
  • Open to anyone at the University of Exeter and free of charge.
  • Beneficial whatever your language level. All you need is the enthusiasm to learn a foreign language and to meet people from across the world.

How to take part

To add your Tandem offer or to see which languages other people are offering, visit our Facebook page.

Important points to consider

  • Each time you meet, be sure to divide your time equally between the two languages so that you both have a chance to learn.
  • You may need to adjust your speech and speaking speed to your partner's ability level.  
  • Respect your partner and his/her wishes at all times.
  • Always arrange to meet in a public space, such as a café on campus. Do not arrange to meet in your own accommodation.
  • Avoid giving away too much personal information, such as your home address.
  • Use your common sense and instinct during these first few meetings. Naturally, after a time, we hope you'll get to know and trust each other and you'll have a relationship like any other friend.


Tandem Language Exchange is a fantastic way of improving your spoken language, but you should be aware about getting your partner to help you complete academic work. Doing so could get you into serious trouble with the University's plagiarism regulations. Please do NOT help complete any assignments, homework or assessment or offer to proof read work. See complaints and appeals for more information.

Contact us

For any information on Tandem Language Exchange, contact