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Language Centre


Languages are an essential tool to compete in a global job market, and to succeed in the workplace. Employers are increasingly aware of the benefits that language skills bring to their companies, which explains why languages have become so extremely popular among our students.

Languages are also an essential tool for the economic development of our country. Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian and Japanese are amongst the most important languages that will contribute to the future prosperity of the UK, as advised by the British Council.

A high proportion of our language students walk straight into good jobs once they graduate. Language students are more attractive to employers than others thanks to the wide range of transferable skills they obtain from learning a language. Studying a language strengthens your written and oral communication competence, your organisational skills, your aptitude in analysing and synthesising information, your ability to contribute to discussions and suggest ideas, and your understanding of other countries and cultures in a global world.