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Mr Christopher Day

Associate Lecturer in Spanish (E&S)


01392 725765


My first degree was in Applied Language Studies (Spanish and French), during which I carried out a field ethnography on the formation of marginal group identity in Cadiz; I also completed a Master's degree in History at Exeter, focused on the changing reactions to vagrancy in the city.

I have long experience teaching Spanish at all levels in the tertiary sector; indeed, my own experience of learning Spanish began as an adult, so I understand first-hand the issues and techniques of most relevance to adult learners. I have travelled extensively in Spain, met and got to know a lot of Spanish people and places, and have spent a total of five years living in the north, the south, and the centre of the country. I have a particular interest in the medieval history of 'the three cultures', as well as current social and political issues. I also find time to work as a translator, specialising in anthropology, ethnography, sociolinguistics, history and politics, all of which, I hope, filters through into my teaching.

My aim is to help you make the most of yourself in Spanish, and the most of your "Spanish self".

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I teach on a range of Spanish courses in both the Department of Modern Languages (in particular, translation) and the Foreign Language Centre. I have a PGCE and the CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults), and have been teaching young (and not-so-young) adult language learners for twenty-nine years. My own experience of learning Spanish from scratch as an adult has influenced my approach to teaching and learning - I am keen for students to become aware of their own language-learning skills profile, and to teach ways to enhance their strengths, while also developing those skills that are weaker. I aim to encourage and develop students' awareness of language, language systems as they learn Spanish. To achieve this I favour communicative practice; I use cognitive approaches to grammar learning, and try to promote enhanced self-study techniques. I am always ready to use adirect, didactic explanation (for example, of grammar points) as required. I hope, overall, to help students develop as independent learners. My experience has shown me that learning a language is a complex yet wonderful process that demands whole-person engagement -  it is a huge challenge, but one that offers commensurate rewards.

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Born in Luton, England, 1963.

BA (Hons) Applied Language Studies.


PGCE Adult Learning.

MA History.

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